People Just Like You

It's true. Our clients come from many backgrounds and situations. Men and women. Young and old. But there is one thing that they all have in common:

"They want training that is no-nonsense, clear cut and SAFE!"

So they come to SC Pistol Safety. Meet some of our previous students:

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Marco Marco was looking for a career change. Something that would allow him a more flexible schedule than his current work in Loss Prevention for a grocery store. He was found what he was looking for with a private security company, but he would need to get his own CT Blue Card Certification. Step 1 was taking the NRA Basic Pistol Safety course with SC Pistol Safety.
Katherine Is Katherine just like you? She had never thought that she'd want to shoot a gun, let alone carry one in her purse. Leaving work late one night, she found that her car had been broken in to. They stole her iPod and GPS, AND even the paperwork from her glovebox along with the emergency spare key to her apartment she kept there. They knew where she lived and had a key to her door. Something changed that night in Katherine. She knew it was time to be better prepared. It was time for SC Pistol Safety.
Chuck Chuck had been back from Iraq for 2 years. Although he'd transitioned back into civilian life pretty quickly from his time in the military, he realized that he missed his time spent practicing at the range. He was a good shot, and enjoyed some of the competition he had with his friends. He simply wanted to be able to continue with that here at home in Connecticut. Even if you've been in the armed forces, you need a permit to own a pistol. He came to SC Pistol Safety to get started.

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  • We service all of CT, including Bristol, Southington, Hartford, Waterbury, New Haven, Danbury, Torrington, New Britain, Middletown and Manchester.
  • We refuse to use "Macho Slogans", and instead offer simple, safe and effective Pistol Training.